Case Moominworld
The largest beacon implementation in Finland

iBeacons in theme parks

How does it work?

The Moomin-app is a visitors guide to Moominworld and it enrichens the visit for the whole family. The app is made by Tietotalos Liki-solution.

This summer the app included 59 iBeacons placed around the island. Each beacon had it's own function in the path of the visitor guide such as offering discount coupons for services and additional information and fun facts.

At the same time the app and the beacons collected information about the visitor-flows during the visit and about the most popular locations.

App analytics gives us information about:

  • Number of smart phones in an iBeacons area

  • Number of notifications shown

  • Number of coupons used

  • Number of messages shown

  • Demographic data

  • Conversion analytics

Mobile and online services becoming more important

This summer a significant number of new digital contacts were made thourgh iBeacons notifications. This technology has proven to be an effective way to influence shopping behaviour and activate increased sales.

The extensive analytics capabilities of the Liki-platform help in analysing results and developing services and other features.

"This summer we've taken a great leap forward towards more customer oriented and personalized communications thourgh this mobile app. In the future we will focus other services in mobile form and the first step will be to include our tickets sales more closely in the app. I see our mobile app and online website as our primary sales channels in the future."

Jarkko Kuitunen, Administrative Director, Moominworld

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