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Interactive shopping experience

Interactive showroom pilot

Rovio concept store in Espoo

We created a new interactive showroom pilot solution for the Rovio concept store in Keilaranta, powered by Liki of course! The purpose of the pilot was to demonstrate how iBeacon technology works in a shop context. Realizing the iBeacon concept helps us develop new ideas how to interact with clients and strenghtens our knowledge of what works best when implementing iBeacons in a store.

How did it work?
When you pick up a certain Stella or Silver plush toy, a video about the character in question is launched on a screen and the colour of the in store spotlights changes to fit the color scheme of the video.

The solution is based on iBeacon technology and Estimote nearable stickers. Six selected plush toys on the sales desk had stickers attached to the price tag. The sticker contains small wireless sensors that react to motion and broadcast radio signals that smart devices can interpret. An iPad steers the screen and lights of the display area. In other words, a fully interactive showroom display!

(Rovio concept store is relocating from Keilaranta and the pilot is currently removed.)

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